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Morocco invests further in its tourism industry

Morocco recently announced it would be investing $580m into its tourism industry by 2026. Why is this so interesting?

🇲🇦 Morocco is the second most popular country in Africa in terms of international visitors and income generated from tourism.

🇲🇦 It is a country with an established tourism industry, excellent infrastructure and world class conferencing facilities.

🇲🇦 Its tourism is decentralised - beyond Marrakech it’s easy to visit other places such as Casablanca, Fez, Chefchaouen and Merzouga (the gateway to the Sahara Desert, pictured below).

🇲🇦 It has a coordinated travel and tourism network, competitively priced accommodation and packages.

🇲🇦 It has a national carrier, and other airlines provide competitively priced flights.

All this (to name a few), yet Morocco is still investing in its established industry to ‘overhaul the sector's marketing plan, create more tourist attractions, modernize existing hotels and build new ones, and also train more tourist professionals’.

This will ensure its sustainable, viable, and continues to grow. At Talking Drums we are strong advocates for peer to peer learning. Many countries with growing tourism industries can take great lessons from this approach.


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