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About Talking Drums

Named after the African traditions of communication (or calling and responding through drumming), Talking Drums Travel & Marketplace is a platform designed to educate and inspire people to travel Africa and beyond, sustainably and responsibly by:

  • leaving nothing but footprints

  • getting off the beaten track

  • supporting local businesses.

At Talking Drums, we put purpose and positive impact before profit, bringing people together. Through three main pillars – TRAVEL, CULTURE and LITERATURE – Talking Drums will showcase Africa, her rich culture, exciting literature and arts, beautiful diversity, wonderful people, where to go, things to do, sights to see and experiences to share. 


Sustainability and fair trade is at the heart of Talking Drums. We source products and services from entrepreneurs and artisans across Africa, both on and off the beaten track.

What we offer

  • Blog and Podcast: Through the Talking Drums blog, we will come together to share our experiences and insights throughout Africa. We will do the same with soon-to-be-launched podcast.

  • Travel Adventures: Through our curated Travel Adventures, we will bring together like-minded travellers and, where possible, procure goods and services from local businesses, to contribute to the local economy.

  • Consulting: Through our Consulting services, we utilise our expertise to provide consulting on Sustainability & ESG, and TravelPlease note: The travel consultation service is a consultation advisory service only. You will be responsible for arranging and booking your flights and itinerary.

  • Marketplace: And lastly, our curated Talking Drums Marketplace will enable you to purchase select pieces, sourced from the continent. 

About Talking Drums' Founder

My name is Yaa and I am a multiple award-winning professional and the proud founder of Talking Drums. I started Talking Drums following my passion for Africa, its development and my frequent travel throughout my land of origin. I have over 9 years' experience as a solo traveller, across Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and North America, and continue to be drawn to the Motherland.

Why? Quite simply, there is no place like Africa.

Frequent travels to Ghana with my family over the years, fuelled  my quest to see more of the continent. Added to that, travelling to Senegal and Ethiopia with a former employer, and volunteering in Tanzania gave me all the courage I could possibly need to take the plunge to travel by myself. Sprinkled with struggling to find anyone who shared these dreams, I set off on my own. Once I took the plunge, there was no turning back - I had the making of a solo traveller.

I have been fortunate to have since travelled all four corners of the Motherland, from North, South, East West, and not forgetting Madagascar. Everywhere has been different, with its own unique charm and experience. I hope to inspire you to do the same.

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Best Wishes
Yaa x

Yaa, Founder of Talking Drums

Our logo

Our beautiful logo captures the essence of Talking Drums, the elongated T and N represent the drumsticks, the adinkra symbol on the djembe drum (left) is called 'dwennimmen' and means strength and humility, both of which I believe are required for travel; and the adinkra symbol on the kpanlogo (right) is called 'sankofa' and means to return and go get it', essentially returning to ones roots.

Talking Drums' amazing logo was designed by Digital Designs By Luke @ddbyluke.

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