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Talking Drums is an Africa-focused sustainable travel platform and marketplace, that aims to bring people together, and connect them to Africa.

We aim to diversify travel and empower people to u ndertake adventures across Africa and beyond, sustainably and responsibly.

As such, we are keen to engage with prospective clients, like-minded individuals and companies and organisations.

What we offer:

    • Blog and Podcast: Through the Talking Drums blog, we will come together to share our experiences and insights throughout Africa. We will do the same with the soon-to-be-launched podcast.

    • Travel Adventures: Through our Travel Adventures, we will bring together like-minded travellers and explore Africa! Where possible, procure goods and services from local businesses, to contribute to the local economy. Each itinerary has been carefully curated following extensive experience travelling to each destination, enabling them to be the most diversified and competitively priced.

    • Travel Planning: Through our Travel Planning services - consultation and itinerary services - we utilise our expertise to provide consulting on travel, empowering you to undertake your own journeys. Please note: The Travel Planning service is a consultation advisory service only. You will be responsible for arranging and booking your itinerary and flights.

    • Marketplace: And lastly, our curated Talking Drums Marketplace will enable you to purchase select pieces, sourced from the continent. 


We are also always looking for opportunities for collaboration with companies, brands and individuals, including:

  • Advertising partnerships

  • Brand Ambassador opportunities 

  • Tour partnerships

  • Accommodation promotions

  • Social media promotions

  • Sponsored posts

  • Speaking engagements 

  • Press opportunities

  • Travel blogging

  • Freelance writing

  • Consultations

For more information on Talking Drums, our travel adventures, our marketplace and opportunities for collaboration, please contact us below:


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