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How culture is helping grow tourism in Africa

Culture can be an excellent gateway to travel and tourism, and showcasing it can help grow a burgeoning tourism industry or even further grow an established one.

Terser Adamu and I previously discussed this when I featured on the Unlocking Africa Podcast, talking all things TalkingDrums, travel and tourism in Africa.

This is evident in the global rise and prominence in music from Africa - Afrobeats, Amapiano, Hiplife and Bongoflava to name a few - and the new dedicated ‘Best African Performance’ category announced by The Grammys.

Fashion has also taken centre stage, with Chanel unveiling its Métiers d'Art collection in Dakar, Senegal, as well as the continued global rise in African fashion brands including South Africa’s Maxhosa Africa showcasing at both New York and London Fashion Week.

And of course food! From Tatale, previously in residence at London’s ‘Africa Centre’ to ‘Teranga’ in residence in New York’s ‘Africa Center, and beyond, cuisines from across Africa are finally enjoying the spotlight they deserve.

These cultural gems serve to spotlight just some of the diverse culture across the continent, serving to highlight a country and encouraging people to want to explore it further!

So let’s continue to showcase the diverse culture of Africa!


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