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Kenya’s commitments to tourism

Kenya is an example of a country with a popular tourism authority, and a strong international tourism brand that other countries can learn a lot from!

🇰🇪According to the Kenyan Government’s Tourism Research Centre, Kenya ‘forecasts its earnings from tourism will surge to a record this year as the government moves to diversify its attractions’.

🇰🇪Earnings are expected to grow by almost 60% to 425.4 billion shillings ($3.37 billion) in the 12 months to December as the number of visitors rises to 2.35 million arrivals’.

🇰🇪Currently, the majority of Kenya’s visitors come from:

- The United States

- Uganda

- U.K. and 

- Tanzania.

As an African Travel & Tourism specialist and founder of Talking Drums, what excites me most about this:

🇰🇪 the list includes TWO African countries, highlighting the importance of catering to and marketing to BOTH the African and non-African markets.

🇰🇪 the Kenyan authorities are utilising this data, and have stated they will focus their marketing efforts on emerging markets like Rwanda, Nigeria and Ethiopia!

It brings me join to see African Governments understanding, appreciating intra-Africa tourism and accordingly developing inclusive tourism strategies! Join us on our Travel Adventure to Kenya!


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