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Tourism is at the heart of Senegal’s economic development plans.

Nanga def!

Yes I speak a little bit of Wolof from my previous adventures in Senegal 🇸🇳.

Learning different African languages is on my forever to do list and I’m pleased to say I’m proficient in Twi (Ghana) and Swahili (Tanzania and Kenya), and have VERY basic grasp of Wolof (Senegal and Gambia) Berber (Morocco), Ga (Ghana) and Zulu (South Africa).

What really stood out to me in Senegal is Senegalese ‘Teranga’ (hospitality), which transcended any language. It was so warm and welcoming wherever I went.

🇸🇳 Senegal has made a big commitment to investing in its tourism industry.

🇸🇳 As the second largest foreign exchange earner for Senegal, Souleymane Ndiaye, Director General of the Company for the Promotion and Development of Coasts and Tourist Zones of Senegal (SAPCO) recently shared that tourism is at the heart of Senegal’s economic development.

[Pictured: At the Pointe Des Almedies, in Dakar Senegal - the Western most point of Africa; and Lac Retba/Lac Rose (Pink Lake) in Senegal).

🇸🇳This is directly - through development and promotion of its coastline as well as entire tourism ecosystem of the country, including six new tourist zones by 2035.

🇸🇳 This is also indirectly through the development of a new city, to ease the congestion of the capital city, Dakar, and to house its new world class Arena and Stadium, both of which have already hosted international events including AFCON Senegal v Mozambique friendly; The Basketball Africa League (BAL) Sahara Conference; and the AFRIMMA Awards.

🇸🇳 International events such as these can serve as major attractions, encouraging tourists and travellers to visit a country, especially for the first time.

And once they experience Senegalese Teranga (and real jollof rice!) I am sure they will not want to leave! So I look forward to hosting a Talking Drums Travel Adventure there soon.


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