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Talking Drums features on Starr1035FM!

Talking Drums features on Starr1035FM, discussing tourism in Ghana and Africa.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Francis Abban for Starr1035FM talking all things tourism in Ghana and Africa! ❤️💛💚

I went on a trip down memory lane, sharing my background, education, work and travel experiences.

Delving into the topic of tourism in Ghana, we explored the potential opportunities across the country for entrepreneurs, young people and the industry as a whole.

We discussed the importance of providing value for money and excellent service, to enhance the industry and ensure repeat customers and visitors, and what Ghana can learn from other countries with more established industries.

And we summised that travel 'should not be a transaction, it should be an experience.

It was a fruitful and insightful discussion, and I look forward to coming back!

(Audio replay to follow!)


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