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Talking Drums x Unlocking Africa Podcast

Talking Drums features on the Unlocking Africa Podcast!

I had the exciting opportunity to join Terser Adamu on the Unlocking Africa Podcast, discussing travel & tourism in Africa, and tapping into its socio-economic potential.

I also share my passion for sustainable travel, as well as considering how sharing our travel experiences helps to change the narrative on travelling Africa, and the work of Talking Drums (sneak peek below).

During our fruitful conversation on the Unlocking Africa Podcast we discussed:

✅ Can you tell us why it is critical to develop tourism in Africa?

✅ What are the challenges and opportunities in African tourism?

✅ Do you believe Africa has done enough to harness tourism for economic development and growth?

✅ The Year of Return popularised Ghana as a tourist destination with global appeal. What lessons can other African countries take from this?

✅ Tourism is a key driver of economic development and employment creation. However, why does there seem to be widespread scepticism regarding the economic and social advantages of tourism in many African nations?

And much more…

Please listen now by clicking here, and share with your network.

Thank you Terser Adamu for the opportunity!


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