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Talking Drums | Another reintroduction!

Let me share with you a little bit about the person behind Talking Drums…

💛My name is Yaa, a proud Thursday born, named as such through Akan tradition.

🖤 I LOVE travelling, so set up Talking Drums to share my travels and encourage people to travel Africa... and beyond!

💛Talking Drums brings you travel tips and reviews, travel adventures, cultural experiences, reviews of literature from Africa and the Diaspora, and a curated marketplace filled with beautiful items sourced from the continent!

🖤 When I travel I try where possible to get off the beaten track. But what is most important is taking the time to speak to local people, and find out more about their lives, experiences and seeing their country through their eyes ❤️💛💚

💛 I am on a continuous quest to speak Twi and Kiswahili fluently. I have learnt over the years that people laughing in your face at your attempt is part of the learning process (although definitely happens A LOT more in a particular country who shall remain nameless 😂).

🖤 I am a PROUD BOOKWORM, and proud of my every expanding personal library, although I definitely buy at faster rate than I read. Reviews will be on the blog page and you can keep up through #talkingdrumstravel

💛 I am a geek... I love reading, researching and discovering, in particular on history, law, politics, culture and development.

🖤 I own two drums, a djembe and kpanlogo, just like the ones in the picture, sourced from this very shop/workshop in the Arts Centre, Accra.

💛 I am an introverted extrovert.

🖤 I am a nomad.

I would love to know about you, please comment below!


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