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Talking Drums | A Reintroduction

Welcome, Akwaaba, Karibu to Talking Drums.

A reintroduction in ten...

1. My name is Yaa, a proud Thursday born, named as such through Akan tradition 🇬🇭

2. I LOVE travelling, so set up Talking Drums to share my travels and encourage people to travel Africa... and beyond!

3. Talking Drums will be bringing you travel tips reviews, curated travel opportunities, cultural experiences, interviews and reviews of literature from Africa and the Diaspora!

4. I LOVE people, and when I travel I try where possible to get off the beaten track. But what is most important is taking the time to speak to local people, and find out more about their lives, experiences and seeing their country through their eyes. ❤️💛💚

5. I am a PROUD BOOKWORM, and proud of my every expanding personal library, although I definitely buy at faster rate than I read. Reviews will be on the website and through #talkingdrumstravelbooks on Instagram.

6. I am a geek... I love reading, researching and discovering, in particular on history, law, politics, culture and development.

7. My sweet tooth is insane, seems to be getting worse with age. 😂

8. I am an eternal optimist.

9. I am a nomad.

10. I would love to know about you, please comment below!


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