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Talking Drums x Bloomberg for BHM 2023

Founder, Yaa Ofori-Ansah, joins a distinguished panel for Bloomberg's opening Black History Month event.

This years theme for Black History Month is Saluting Our Sisters, such a wonderful theme that shines a spotlight on the amazing African and Caribbean women in the U.K.

As part of Bloomberg’s I had the absolute honour of joining a panel of distinguished guests Yetunde Bankole, Vanessa Chiedza Sanyauke, April Jackson and distinguished moderator Salma to share our career and entrepreneurship journeys.

It was a wonderful experience to share my journey of ‘accidental entrepreneurship’, the importance of nurturing your interests outside of your 9-5, the importance of travelling Africa, and the impact we have through Talking Drums! 🌍

I also enjoyed sharing some of the interesting and unique experiences that I have had as an Africa Travel Specialist and through running Talking Drums; caused a little bit of controversy by reminding everyone that jollof rice is originally from Senegal/Gambia 🇸🇳🇬🇲 (reaction below!); as well as meeting the warm and welcoming Bloomberg colleagues.

Thank you again to the amazing Bloomberg team Angel Chan, Jeffrey Agyeman, Richard and Femi for the invitation.


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