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From Africa With Love. Your window to all things Africa and beyond!

Talking Drums Travel & Marketplace is an Africa-focused sustainable travel and culture platform, that aims to bring people together, and connect them to Africa.

With a focus on environmental and social awareness, rich and diverse cultural immersion, and contribution to economic empowerment,

Talking Drums will inspire you to 'leave nothing but footprints, get off the beaten track, and support local businesses'.

This platform is named after the talking drums of Africa, traditionally used for communication, ceremonies and music, and famous for their call and response rhythms. Through our own Talking Drums, we will help you respond to the call, and have a positive impact across Africa and beyond!


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From Africa With Love!

At Talking Drums, we put purpose and positive impact before profit.

Join us and fellow travellers on our adventures across the continent, leaving nothing but footprints.

Listen, as we gather to share our experiences of the Motherland, and get off the beaten track.

Explore our carefully curated marketplace, with goods ethically sourced from Africa, and supporting local businesses.