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Are you dreaming of travelling to Africa and beyond? Are you confused where to start? Do you want to make a positive impact whilst travelling? Need an insight on how to bring your own solo or group trip together?
Let us help you!

From the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and endless plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania; the unforgettable vibes of Soweto in South Africa, and the cool breeze of the Kwahu Mountains in Ghana, its never to late to start your adventures.
Travel with a purpose, the time is now.

Book your Talking Drums Travel Planning Consultation today!

One to One Consultation

1. Tell me more about the Talking Drums Travel Planning Consultation.
The Talking Drums Travel Consultation provides one to one consultation services to help demystify travelling to Africa, help you plan and curate your own travel adventure and, where possible, to travel sustainably, procure goods and services from local businesses, to contribute to the local economy. We aim to help you immerse yourselves in each experience, and empower you to undertake your own travel adventures responsibly, whilst having a positive impact across Africa and beyond.

2. Why should I book a Travel Planning Consultation?
With over 20 years experience travelling and living in Africa, and over 9 years as a solo traveller, I have gained invaluable knowledge navigating the Motherland. From trawling websites and social media, to reading various travel books and guides, and most importantly, from learning from local people and my own experiences, I can help you curate a rewarding and immersive adventure in Africa. 
I have been fortunate to have since travelled all four corners of the Motherland, from North, South, East West, and not forgetting Madagascar. Everywhere has been different, with its own unique charm and experience. I hope to inspire you to do the same. 

3. What does the Travel Planning Consultation service entail?
Quite simply, we want to help you have the best experience possible.
With a Travel Planning 
Consultation session, we will provide you with a one hour online video call, to understand your needs and interests, and based on this provide you with key insights to your country of choice, key tips for booking your trip and for navigating the once you arrive. 
Please note: This is
a consultation advisory service only. You will be responsible for developing, arranging and booking your itinerary and flights.

4. Which countries do you cover?
The Travel Planning Consultation currently covers Ghana, Tanzania (including Zanzibar) and South Africa. This list will be expanded over time.
We also have a general consultation to discuss travel across Africa.

5. How much does the Travel Consultation service cost?
We charge £50 (approximately $70) for a one hour online video call and subsequent proposed itinerary of activities, accommodation and so forth, based on your budget and interest. 
Please note: This is for a consultation advisory service only. You will be responsible for developing, arranging and booking your itinerary and flights.. Alternatively, you can purchase our
bespoke itinerary service or high level itineraries at the Talking Drums Marketplace.

We look forward to hearing from you!