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Ghana Planner

Ghana Planner


Ghana Planner - 8 days/7 nights includes:

  • provide you with key insights into Ghana.
  • example day-by-day itinerary of activities and entrepeneurs/companies to book with.
  • accommodation and transport suggestions and,
  • pre-departure checklist, including entry requirements.


Please note: This is for a digital planner only. 
You will be responsible for arranging and booking your flights and itinerary.

  • The Talking Drums Travel Planner is the perfect way to plan your trip and explore your destination. It includes information places to visit, activities to take part in, as well as suggested accommodation and transportation.

    You can either book using our suggestions, or use them to tailor the itinerary to your specific preferences and needs, so you can create an experience that is truly unique to you.

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