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Bolga Woven Fan - Sahara (Ghana)

Bolga Woven Fan - Sahara (Ghana)


Overview: Bolga Woven Fan - Sahara. Named after the largest desert in the world, the Sahara, which the brown and neutral colors are reminiscent of.


Materials: handmade from raffia, by local women weavers from local communities in Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. Sourced from the Tamale Cultural Centre, in Tamale, Northern Ghana.


Size: The fan is approximately 27cm at its widest point, and approximately 42cm in height. By purchasing this item, you are supporting local artisans in Northern Ghana.


Please note: Each item is handmade. No two items will be exactly the same. These products are made using natural materials, therefore may vary slightly or have slight natural imperfections. This contributes to the beauty, uniqueness and story behind each item.

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