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Talking Drums' Visual Portrait!

Talking Drums partners with Hopefx on our Visual Portrait!

Working and partnering with local businesses and entrepreneurs is at the heart of Talking Drums.

They are the BEST Ambassadors for their country, and can share hidden gems off of the beaten track!

Take Hope for example.

Hope (@Hopefx_ on YouTube and Instagram) is a talented photographer and videographer from Arusha, Tanzania. Having seen his incredible work, I knew I wanted to collaborate on something for Talking Drums.

I told him I wanted two things - nature 🍃 , and a waterfall 🌊.

Not much of a brief 😂 - but after a few probing questions, and showing me some examples, that was all he needed!

We ventured to a true hidden gem - a locally owned avocado farm that had its own WATERFALL! Yes, this local entrepreneur had a waterfall in his back garden, aptly named after himself, Mfere Waterfall.

This resulted in a beautiful visual portrait - a short introductory video - that I am excited to share on our newly launched YouTube channel.


Talking Drums WHITE.png


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