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Back again! Talking Drums on the season premiere of The Sound of Accra Podcast


I am delighted to share that Talking Drums featured as a guest on the season four premiere the Sound of Accra Podcast!

Sitting down with Adrian Daniels, I share all things Talking Drums, travel in Ghana and how to MAXIMISE your ‘December in Ghana’ experience.

It continues to be an exciting time for travel and tourism across Africa, and I am so excited to share insights on the benefits of tourism, how to build on this momentum, and what travellers can do to maximise their experiences!

Thank you so much, as always, to Adrian Daniels and The Sound of Accra Podcast team for having me for the third time! ❤️💛💚

Listen on The Sound of Accra’s site here.

Listen on YouTube here.

Or on your favourite streaming sites!


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