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Culture | Drumming Lessons!

How would you rate my drumming skills?

Despite owning TWO drums, I will admit they are somewhat ‘entry-level’, but I had a great time practicing with some amazing drummers in Ghana.

One thing that is so important to me when travelling is impact. I aim to ensure as part of my visit, I am having as much of a positive environmental and social impact as possible.

This includes considerations of how local people are actually benefiting from tourism, especially in Africa which boasts the highest rates of entrepreneurs in the world!

This usually spurs me to get off the beaten track.

In this video, I had gone to say hello to my friend, whose arts and crafts shop is literally off the beaten track within the Arts Centre in Accra. This turned into an impromptu drumming lesson with his band, which will now feature as part of the Talking Drums Travel Adventure to Ghana, and in turn support a local entrepreneur and his business.

All details on our Travel Adventures are here:

Come join us!


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