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x Zanzibar LADIES 2023

Join Talking Drums on our
Zanzibar LADIES Travel Adventure!

 7 days/6 nights for £1200

Monday 30th January to Sunday 5th February 2023


Overview of Zanzibar:
The United Republic of Tanzania formed following the merger of  mainland Tanganyika with the islands of Zanzibar in 1964, to form a united republic that was later renamed ‘Tanzania’. However Tanzania is usually used to refer to the mainland part of the country, and Zanzibar refers to some of the coastal islands.
Zanzibar is a beautiful archipelago off of the coast of mainland Tanzania. 
Within its union with the mainland, Zanzibar remains semi-autonomous with its own government and President.
Comprising of two large islands – Unguja and Pemba – and a number of small islands, it is typically the larger island of Unguja that many refer to when they say ‘Zanzibar’. The island offers the opportunity to relax on pristine beaches and turquoise waters amongst beautiful marine life, and explore its key spice trading history. The capital, Zanzibar City, is also home to the historic Stone Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Overview of the Travel Adventure:
1. Relax on the pristine beaches and turquoise waters.
2. Sail on a dhow, a traditional Zanzibari boat, and explore beautiful marine life.

3. Venture on a Spice Tour, and to the famous Jozani Forest, home of the Red Colobus Monkeys.
4. Swim with the sea turtles at Baraka Natural Aquarium.

5. Visit local markets and businesses including the Zanzibar Seaweed Centre.
6. Enjoy a lunch at the world famous Rock Restaurant.

7. Explore Stone Town, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and Changuu Island (also known as Prison Island).
8. Visit Dar Es Salaam, the mainland's largest city, and learn to cook local Tanzanian food.

9. Have a group photoshoot with one of the hottest photographers in Tanzania.
10. Support local entrepreneurs across the country.

Total: £1,200

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By booking this tour, you will be directly supporting five local entrepreneurs and locally-owned businesses, and indirectly supporting many more!


What does the price include?

The price includes

  • all advertised activities (excluding beach/water activities)

  • transport to activities

  • accommodation and breakfast

  • welcome and leaving dinners

  • airport transfers

All pre-booked activities are based on availability and subject to change.

Each guest has their own room as standard, and this included in the price.


What does the price not included?

The price excludes: 

  • international flights

  • visas

  • travel and medical insurance

  • travel tests, immunisations and medication

  • food and drink

       (except breakfast, welcome and leaving dinners)

  • alcohol

  • tips and gratuities

  • personal expenses.

What is the Talking Drums Travel Adventure?
It is a boutique travel tour of like-minded individuals, coming together to explore Africa and beyond! Talking Drums curates trips for small groups, and as much as possible, procures goods and services from local businesses, to contribute to the local economy.
We aim to immerse ourselves in each experience, and empower you to undertake your own travel adventures responsibly, whilst having a positive impact across Africa and beyond. Solo travellers are warmly welcome. We offer this Travel Adventure to a maximum of eight (8) travellers per travel group trip.

With a Talking Drums Travel Adventure, you will be travelling with a purpose. Where possible, we source our goods and services from local businesses, and also donate a proceed of profits to initiatives that benefit the local communities to where we travel.

By booking this tour, you will be directly supporting five (5) local entrepreneurs and locally-owned businesses, and indirectly supporting many more!
With a focus on having a positive impact, we align our services to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. 
We also donate a portion of the proceeds of our travel adventures to a local community initiative in the country we visit.

Who else will be joining the Travel Adventure?
We offer this Travel Adventures to a up to eight (8) travellers, to enable a deeply immersive experience.
By the end of the trip, we hope you leave as a community and group of friends.

How did you develop the itinerary?
We believe in travelling with a purpose, in cultural immersions, getting off the beaten track and positive impacts.
Therefore each itinerary has been carefully curated based on over 10 years experience solo travelling across the continent, and multiple trips to the Travel Adventure destinations. We have sourced the best accommodation and experiences, enabling them to be the most diversified and competitively priced, and providing an affordable yet luxurious experience.

Do I have to pay the cost all at once?

You have the option to pay the total cost at the time of booking or the deposit of £300.

If you choose the deposit option, you can make additional payments on an ongoing basis.

The final balance will be due four (4) weeks (30 days) before the start of the tour (Monday 2nd January 2023).

Please note, the deposit is non-refundable. You will be unable to join if the full balance has not been paid.

What should I do before travelling?

Before travelling, you must ensure you:

  • Book your international flights - international flights are not included in the package, but we can assist you with looking for options.

  • Have necessary immunisations for Tanzania (Zanzibar).

  • Have travel insurance that provides sufficient coverage. Please note you will not be permitted to travel on this adventure without travel insurance.

  • Adhere to the necessary entry requirements such as visa, copy of a yellow fever certificate (see the FCDO website, the State Department website or your country's equivalent foreign office website for further guidance).

Talking Drums can provide you with support on these requirements.


By booking this trip, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.